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" We are the "Only Site" which allow consumers to post Complaints? Compliment? or Comments?"


OnBlass.com allows the consumers to be heard in raw flavor. No more, excuses from consumer agencies or bureaucrats stating, "It’s not my area of expertise" Free! More bang with No bucks! We don\'t charge a thing for your complaints, Comments, or compliments. There is no limitation on how long your issue will be addressed on the Web either.

Simply put! If you are dissatisfied, we don\'t want you to get mad. We recommend you get even and put them "OnBlass"right here, right now. You will feel better about yourself and you will help others by registering your anger OnBlass. Register with us and you are on your way to helping millions of consumers just like yourself looking for a forum to vent out their frustrations and make your issue known and relevant. Remember, you are not the only one who is frustrated! Those who provide products and services need to hear from you. We also offer voice files to get your point across, if you feel you need to voice your concerns.

Search for companies, products or services - "Before you buy, give OnBlass.com a try". Our dynamic search engine will allow you to search for particular items of interest. Before spending your hard-earned dollars, give OnBlass.com a try and you may just save some money and avoid unnecessary aggravation.

We don't hate, we appreciate - We feel that everyone will end up on "OnBlass.com", eventually. So, don\'t hesitate to visit us a let us (all consumers) know how you have been treated and if the product or service has lived to its promise. Don’t forget to provide positive feedback/ compliments to those companies, etc., who has exceeded your expectations in business, products and services. We like to hear success stories, too.

Who's listening to your complaint – give us the email address of the company or organization providing the product or service and they will get a copy of your OnBlass complaint, comments, or compliment. Not only is the business aware they have been put OnBlass.com, millions of potential customers will also have access to this vital information. So don\'t wait!

We don't guarantee you will get your money back or that you will be satisfied at the end of using OnBlass.com, but we do guarantee putting the information out there might make a difference for others, and we provide you an outlet to vindicate yourself.

Make OnBlass.com a place to be heard. We host "FREE 30-day advertisement" to all businesses worthy to be OnBlass.com. If you believe "CUSTOMER FIRST", OnBlass.com is your home to advertise.

Complaints? Compliments? Comments? Complaints? Compliments? Comments?

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RECENT Complaint

  • Nordstrom Online

    I ordered a mens coat online from Nordstrom the shipping was free which people who order online can appreciate and also the coat was of excellent material. Highly recommend if doing online shopping here is the place free shipping and free returns.

    Posted On 2012-10-22 07:10:23 More
  • Chipotle Georgetown

    I love chipotle but this was one of the worst chipotle I have been to. First the customer service is very unfriendly, and when you ask for something extra they give you this weird look. Now to the food the food did not taste close as good as it taste

    Posted On 2012-10-22 07:10:23 More
  • Georgetown cupcakes

    These cupcakes are extraordinary! The line is long always and the cupcakes are $3 but they are wonderfully made and have different flavors of all kind. I would definitely recommend visiting this place. Don\'t get discouraged by the wait it is worth i

    Posted On 2012-10-22 07:10:23 More