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I bought a computer from Circuit City along with their warranty in September 2005. I was told the warranty would cover my computer and make it work like it did when it was new if anything happened to it. Well May 12, 2007 something did happen and I called the warranty company. What a joke it has been since. They have replaced the hard drive, motherboard, and ram. Cannot get system cd\'s to work. They had me ship it to them for replacement. On July 18 I got a phone call from them saying it is software issues and they don\'t cover it. Well who do they think caused the software issues? I called July23 and they claimed they was shipping it yesterday back to and they would give me the tracking numbers. Well I haven\'t heard a word yet. No calls, no emails. Do Not Buy the warranty from Circuit City unless you are prepared for the run around. When I get my computer back I will have to take it to somebody who can fix it. I want them to pay for it or pay for a replacement like I was told. 2007-07-24 14:26:17

Posted by: anitamarie  on 2011-10-09 09:10:08


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