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Horriffic Customer Service

This situation has been going on since day 1 of this service; I am in a 2 year contract that expires in November 2007. The account has NEVER billed or functioned correctly. They constantly charge me for text messaging even when I didn\'t have it or want it, they have told me repeatedly \"I promise, this will fix it\", and it NEVER has. This month when I call the \"minutes\" number to check, it says I have 800??? text messages available, I have used 178 & I have gone over my messages by one, last month same thing, but I only had 300 available & used 100 or so, but still was over by one. I have had to call at least 100 (conservative estimate) times to get this & the other problems fixed over the last 2 years, that is over 4 times a month... I still have NO satisfaction. EVERY time I call I have an EXTREMELY hard time getting to a supervisor, and I would estimate that at the most, 15% of the times I have asked (repeatedly) resulted in an actual supervisor being on the phone. Out of the hundreds of times I have asked (repeatedly), close to 70% of those requests resulted in being hung up on intentionally or transferred BACK INTO THE QUE!!!!!! My bill is once again $50 over what it should be, last month it was $150 over what it should have been. The account has been changed NUMEROUS times to try to resolve the discrepancies, but NEVER has come out right. I get very tense and angry every time I see the Nextel logo, especially when it is in my mail box because I know the impending stress, frustration & hell that is coming Today I again started the process with them, the first call I was as polite as I could muster & gave them all the info they requested in including the phone number that I had just entered on the keypad so they could \"give me better service\", I asked for a supervisor (repeatedly) and was transferred to the que again, after getting the 2nd person for the day I refused to give her the information & requested a supervisor, after 15 minutes of silence without anyone checking to see if I was still there I got Tyler, his TT code is 64075 (supposedly), he claimed to be in Corp Care in Canada, HE IS NOT A SUPERVISOR!!!!! I asked again (repeatedly, more than 5 times) for a supervisor, he continued to talk over me & not even give me the opportunity to speak without him quoting \"policy\" to me. He finally said \"Here is MY policy\" and then he hung up on me. There are not words to adequately describe how I feel about Nextel. 2007-07-23 15:37:58

Posted by: anitamarie  on 2011-10-09 09:10:14


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