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I paid $2,495 on 6/13/06 to join Table for Six – an organization to help singles connect. I specifically asked and was told that women only slightly outnumbered the men in membership but more men were joining all the time. Between June and September, I was invited to (and attended) four dining experiences. It was nearly always the same group of men but I met new women at every dinner. Discussion with other members revealed that women received invitations every 3-4 weeks while men received invitations 1-2 times a week. This clearly indicates the ratio of women to men was at least 3:1 and that “slightly outnumbers” was a great exaggeration and misrepresentation in order to get my membership. The contract I signed stipulated that refunds would be allowed after a $1,350 processing fee was deducted and members attended 5 one-on-one dates @ $50 each, and attended 15 dinners @ $20 each (which I attended four). I stopped attending dinners in September 2006. On 3/26/07, I mailed a letter to Table for Six requesting a refund of $595. From my membership fee, I graciously deducted the processing fee and payment for the required number of dinners/dates, even though I attended only 4 of the 15 dinners required and none of the one-on-one dates required. I did not receive a response to my letter. I called Table for Six on 4/27/07. They said they had not received my letter so I faxed a copy to them. On 4/30/07 I received an e-mail from them stating “Our Regional Manager said we can’t release a refund unless you have attended the appropriate amounts of dinners/events”. I find this ridiculous as I was willing to pay for the required number of dinners/events that I did not attend and was only asking for a fraction of the exorbitant fee I paid. 2007-07-11 21:34:46 8001 Irvine Center Dr Ste 460 Irvine, CA 92618

Posted by: anitamarie  on 2011-10-09 01:10:11


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