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Terrible Customer Service At A

Airfare.com has terrible customer service... I bought my flight ticket from airfare.com. The paper ticket that they sent me (which I booked online through airfare.com website) was to leave SFO on Jul 13 at 11:15 am and arrive to Munich on Jul 14 10:40 am. Then my flight from Munich to Istanbul would leave on the same day at 11:20 am. Airfare.com sent me my paper ticket with this itinerary. Later they changed my flight from Munich to Istanbul without telling me anything or having my consent. They changed it such that I would leave Munich at 7:20 pm. They never sent me a paper ticket with this update and I\'d have never known that they made this change if I haven\'t checked my reservation myself. With this itinerary change, I have to wait at Munich airport for more than 8 hours and arrive at my final destination Istanbul very late. This is very inconvenient. I contacted airfare.com customer service multiple times. they continuously blamed the airlines, they kept me on hold many times and even hung up the phone on me. They promised they will fix this and help me but they never did. I even contacted the airlines (both US airways and Lufthansa) on the phone as well as at the ticket counter at the airport. But since this is a paper ticket bought through the travel agent, they could not help me but direct me to the travel agent (airfare.com). Airfare.com has very poor customer service and I was not being treated professionally. They never worked with me on changing my flight time. I don\'t have to go through Munich. They can put me on other flights too. All I want is to minimize my wait time in Germany and not be charged anything extra for something that I didn\'t mess up. Airfare.com should have never sold me that ticket since airlines says 40 minutes between two flights is too short (which is why apparently they wanted airfare.com to change my flight time). In short, I wasn\'t treated professionally by the airfare.com customer service reps. Very poor service. I will not use them again. 2007-07-11 20:17:41 Airfare Company Address 5110 Ridgefield Rd., Suite 409, Bethesda MD 20816

Posted by: anitamarie  on 2011-10-09 12:10:31


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