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Don\'t trust them

I\'ve also had work done at Pep Boys they did a rack n pinion on a Taurus back in 2000 in Virginia. Well needed to say they didn\'t do it right and fluid leaked from it and went on to the exhaust and the car caught on fire. Yes we had full coverage on the vehicle Thank Goodness. But my children were in the car just minutes before they were dropped off at school and 1 mile later when we were trying to take it to a dealer like they suggested because they didn\'t know what was wrong we lost the car. The insurance took over the claim and we didn\'t have to pay anymore for the vehicle. We never shop their or at any other Pep Boys again. We don\'t trust them. 2008-03-28 15:02:00

Posted by: anitamarie  on 2011-10-08 11:10:10


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