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I purchased a Polaroid under the cabinet LCD TV with DVD Player which I gave for a Christmas gift. After about 6 months later the LCD burned out. We only used the item about twice a week, if that. I can’t remember the model number right now, but I do know the product cost about $360.00. We called Polaroid to discuss the warranty and how we were going to get the item replaced. After calling Polaroid to discuss the defective product, Polaroid told us that we needed to pay $120 for the repair or replacement the product. Polaroid agreed to have a carrier such as FEDEX or UPS pick up the item, so we boxed it up for shipping and waited for our pre-paid shipping number. We never got that number. Polaroid told us that they would provide us with shipping information but every time we called them they said someone would be getting back to us. After numerous phone calls to the company and about 5 weeks later, we just stop calling. Apparently, no one at Polaroid was going to call us back or was concerned about their customer support or warranty. It is very unfortunately, to lack of urgency Polaroid uses concerning their loyal customers who have supported their company over many years Our dissatisfaction in their customer service highlights their products support. Recently, I was in a computer repair store and I seen that same under-the-cabinet LCD TV with DVD Player on the shelf I said, to the repair technician at the shop, “I bet you, I can tell you exactly what’s wrong with that Polaroid;” he said’ what? I said, “The LCD is burned out right” and he said, “How did you know” – I said, because I have one. I was going file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau – but would that had really helped. 2007-05-15 10:13:07

Posted by: anitamarie  on 2011-10-08 10:10:10


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