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Shareasale Refused To Pay Comm

I have been a faithful affiliate of Shareasale for nearly 9 months without a problem. Drove alot of quality leads and sales, spending all of my commissions on advertising for their merchants. So today, I log into my account to verify my payment for the month. I notice that the payment was rejected and my account was limited without cause or warning. So, I call their company and Bethany, an extremely useless customer service rep, said she would create a ticket and would send it to the managers (who, mind you, aren\'t there, yet somehow remotely just got done cancelling my payment). I wait a few hours and go to log into my account, and low and behold - I can no longer log in!! So, I call back, and again Bethany remembers me and states that they can do these things without cause or warning, and that these \'managers\' would contact me. No matter what the terms of service are, is it not a NORMAL business practice to contact the affiliate (or partner) to tell them something isn\'t right? I received no emails whatsoever, and STILL haven\'t heard a peep. Also, this Bethany woman stated they do this to protect the merchant. Funny - alot of merchants would fail to exist without the efforts of affiliates. WE go out and promote for them, saving them advertising expense, time, and find their targeted sales. I am owed in the neighborhood of $2,116.00 - which I am now going to have to litigate to get. Which, I will succeed in getting as I have screenshots and plenty of info.

Posted by: anitamarie  on 2011-09-21 05:09:02

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