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Hi! We would just like to send a warning out there to companies who would like to do business with a company called National Marketing Consulting Group LLC or NMCG-LLC. We started inquiring about their services last March or April of this year about their Lead Generation services, namely Internet Leads. We were able to speak with Mark Gallardo the Marketing Director of the company and they said that they would set up a website that would create traffic and that they would deliver those leads to us. They asked for a payment of $1,500 prior to the start of the service. After the payment, they gradually disappeared off the radar so to speak. The company is still running as far as we know and we could still contact them. But every time we got a hold of them they always tell us to call back another time or that they are on the process of setting up the website. We have been waiting and calling them for two months now and there have been no clear response from them. We hope anyone who would want to do business with would consider doing a background check first before doing any transactions with them.

Posted by: anitamarie  on 2010-09-18 11:09:17


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