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When No One Listens

hi my name is Ashley id #268796364 there\'s a big situation that\'s been going on i passed all my classes worked hard studied hours did all class and homework i went to summer school principal from ms34 Mrs Harte had stated if i would to fail this time the math test my portfolio would back me up and i would still pass to the 9th grade i didn\'t even get a bus pass i had to walk it and i live far my mom waited two hours in this heat for me my mom has medical problems i got my diploma they want me to repeat the 8th grade again i worked so hard i even went to my high school orientation for two hours meeting everyone i worked so hard and passed all my classes and im a straight a student in my high school they said they can help me in math with whatever i need help in im going to be 16 in the 8th grade meanwhile everybody passed to high school it brings tears to my eyes i don\'t sleep at all and half the students that passed never worked hard as me they never did work the other students didn\'t show respect either and still passed i respect everyone peers and teachers half the teachers said good luck in high school to me and now the others passed to 9th grade where i need to be im going to repeat something i already passed makes no since at all 16 in the 8th grade is very sadness to me i worked hard got my diploma and now this i belong in high school how am i going to repeat something i already passed the only thing i need help in is math and my high school i got accepted to said they can help me with whatever i need help in i come to you because you can hear me out the others just ignore because they know im right and i worked hard always...sincerely Ashley lee Serrano

Posted by: anitamarie  on 2010-09-18 11:09:15


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