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A Very Bad Moving Day

I scheduled a move from my home in Lexington to Mel rose a month ahead of time, reserving the date with a $100. deposit. I contracted for 3 men at $135./hr. These were advertised as professional movers. I was also told that free moving boxes would be delivered to my home a week before the move. I contacted the company to have moving boxes delivered, and was told that they never promised them, and would be charging me for boxes. I decided to get them on my own. A few days before the scheduled move, I was called by the owner, Pat, and told that the men would arrive between 12:00 and 2:00 on July 2nd, and that she’d call an hour before they came. On July 2nd, I called her at 1:30, when I still hadn’t heard from her, and was told that it would be at least a couple of hours more until they arrived, since they were running late on another job. When I called her at 4:00, I was told that she had heard from the man on the other job that he should be leaving in a half hour to come to my home, and that she\'\'d call me. At 5:00, when I still hadn’t heard from her, I called again, and was then told that they wouldn’t make it that day after all, since they were too tired. I told her that that was unacceptable and that I expected her to figure out a way to move me out. I was legally obliged to leave my old home by 5:00 that day. She said that she’d see what she could do and would get back to me. Again, she never called back, and I called her at 6:00, and it was finally determined, with the okay by my realtors, that I\'\'d be moved at 6:45 the next morning. At 6:50 the next morning a rental truck and 4 teenagers showed up at my home to move me, not the professional movers which I was promised. I had no choice by that time, but to allow them to do the move. They proceeded to spend a good amount of time looking around for a Phillips head screwdriver, asking me if I had one, and never finding one. The move out took 2 hours. One of the movers spent some of that time removing an air conditioner from a window, which I told him he could have, smashing a glass light fixture above it during the removal. He said he’d clean it up, but was called away to another site, and left it behind for me to clean. The trip to Melrose took 20 minutes, and the move in to the new house took a little over an hour. I didn’t notice until after the \"kids\" were gone that they had scratched my hallway walls moving furniture in. It will have to be repainted. Professional movers, who I thought I had hired, would have been more careful. At the end I was given a bill for two hours of time with 4 movers at $165/hour, and 2 hours of time with 3 men at $135/hour. I never contracted for four men to begin with, and they sure didn’t do the work of four men anyway. I noticed after the fact that the amount was added up wrong on the bill, and I ended up being given 50% off, but still paying $385, plus another $90 in tips for the three \"movers\". The only time the owner called me, as she kept promising she would, was on the morning of the move, probably with the hope of getting paid. I\'\'ve never felt more ripped off in my life, and I regret giving them any money in the end. I am pleased to know that my realtors have put them on the blacklist, and informed all of their agents to make future home buyers aware of this company’s incompetence and lack of professionalism. 2007-07-28 00:31:09

Posted by:anitamarie on 2011-10-10 09:10:39

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