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Sofa And Love Seat

Location: 23 W. Maplewood Mall, 1st Floor, Philadelphia, PA 19144. On March 25, 2007 I hired Mr. Hasan to reupholster my sofa and loveseat. Mr. Hasan assured me that he would complete the project and have my furniture back in six weeks or less. I signed the agreement and gave Mr. Hasan a check for 50% of the balance. He picked up my furniture on April 9 with a targeted completion date of May 16. After May 16, having heard nothing from Mr. Hasan, I made several attempts to reach him by phone to find out the status of my furniture. I left several messages but he never returned my calls. It was not until I left a message stating that unless I heard from him soon, I was going to contact the Better Business Bureau, that he finally responded. Mr. Hasan requested and I agreed to give him an additional week to week and a half to complete the job. I waited two full weeks but Mr. Hasan still did not called to let me know the status. After leaving several more phone messages and stating that I would contact the Consumer Protection Agency as well as the Better Business Bureau, Mr. Hasan left a message stating that he would deliver my furniture the next day. I called and finally spoke with him and told him that I did not want the furniture delivered until I had an opportunity to inspect it to ensure that the work had been done as agreed. I made arrangements to visit Mr. Hasan\'s shop to view the furniture. My furniture was stacked on top of and between piles of other furniture and I was unable to get a good view of it and was unable to touch it or feel the fabric. I did notice that some of the pillows were slack and limp and brought this to his attention. I also saw that the furniture was covered in wrong fabric. Since Mr. Hasan had not given me a sample of the fabric, so it was simply my word against Mr. Hasan\'s. I decided to just accept the furniture \"as is\" in order to bring the matter to conclusion, but Mr. Hasan demanded that I pay the balance in cash before he would deliver the furniture. I told Mr. Hasan that I would pay the balance once the furniture was delivered and I was able to examine it closely and make sure that the fabric had been treated with scotch guard as he had promised. = I do not feel that Mr. Hasan has presented himself as trustworthy and will be responsive to any complaints if I am dissatisfied with his work. I would like to have my furniture returned as well as some written guarantee of workmanship and a guarantee that the furniture has been scotch guarded or otherwise stain-proofed. I will then pay the remaining balance. I have been without furniture for several months instead of the several weeks Mr. Hasan promised and would like to bring this matter to a close and be rid of Mr. Hasan. Mr. Hasan presents himself as \"a vibrant member of the business community\" but my experience with him does not support this assertion, especially if he has treated his other customers the way he has treated me. = Please beware when contracting with someone like Mr. Hasan. Get everything in writing, get samples of fabrics and have the agreement witnessed and notarized. Document everything because you may end up in court trying to get fair treatment and satisfaction. = Note: After seeing my complaint posted on another site on July 19, on July 20, Mr. Hasan telephoned and agreed to deliver my furniture and to \"make something special for me free of charge\" and to accept payment by check upon delivery. He apologized and suggested \"we put this behind us and be friends.\"

Posted by:anitamarie on 2011-10-09 10:10:48

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