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As a consumer of a simple set pool, I find myself being truly duked by their services. Last summer, i invested 250 dollars on a 14x3 pool and chemicals. We got to use the pool a total of 3 months. After fall started we proceeded to take down our pool, had it professional dried, and also was very careful with chemical build up while it was up. We folded in on the sides and then squared it off and proceeded to store it in its box in our personal closet. But low and behold, we put it up this year, gets half way full, and it bust. simple set says there liners are only guaranteed for 6 months and that there certain ways for storage but do you see all of this before buying- no! It’s a big surprise when you open and read instructions and also the info does not give any save way of storing your pool so that it remains intact. As a consumer I feel like they have ripped me a new one and they will not replace my pool. Word of mouth can spread real quickly and I promise that this consumer’s mouth will be heard 2007-07-20 08:33:12

Posted by:anitamarie on 2011-10-09 09:10:06

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