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I graduated from Vatterott College\'s Computer Systems & Network Technology Associates Degree Program about 6 months ago. Vatterott DID NOT live up to their promises. Their promotional literature stated that the classes would cover setting up and deploying a network (OOPS); it didn\'t. We didn\'t set up even one server. The enrollment counselor said the material taught was advanced and highly technical; it wasn\'t. I was told the instructors were experienced in the fields that they taught; they weren\'t. The student handbook said that each ten week course would consist of at least 60 hours of lecture time; they didn\'t. In fact most classes included less than 25 hours of lecture time. The instructors basically just gave assignments right out of the book and told us to read the chapter and do the review questions at the end of the chapter, while the instructors would sit there and browse the internet and talk about their day. I\'m sorry, but I could have just bought the books and got the same education as everyone else. I was the only one in my class who took the CCNA exam, which I didn\'t even come close to passing, because the book was outdated and the practice software that was given to us, which I studied for over 2 months and passed every practice exam with a 98% or higher was no help at all. I guarantee no one else even took the exam after they saw my results and saw how hard I tried. I was also assured a job in the computer/networking field, but now the only thing that they can offer me is telemarketing or over the phone sales jobs which I could have done without the education. I would never even think of doing telemarketing, it\'s just not me. I would not want to spend my day dealing with people hanging up on me or cursing me out. I basically wasted $34,000 to be a telemarketer and their excuse is \"you have to start somewhere\", and they also keep pushing these mock interviews on me. I took 90 weeks of so-called Gen. Ed. classes which was all about making resumes and interviewing. I keep telling them that I have applied to every computer shop and computer related company in town yet I can\'t even get an interview so it\'s not my interview skills and I was even told by their Career Services that my resume was perfect. I don\'t think the companies around here even hire Vatterott graduates unless they were previously employed in the field. I can\'t even get a job at the local Dollar General or Carsons Nurseries due to my education. After 6 months I still have no job and I have to start paying my student loans by next month. For $34,000 this is all they can do for me? I feel completely ripped off. I am even thinking of restarting my education with a more reputable institution such as OTC or SMS. But the problem with that is that no colleges will accept Vatterott\'s quarter credit hours, so I would have to redo my entire education if I went that route. The bottom line is that Vatterott College cost twenty times more than the community college, and it wasn\'t even worth the time I spent in the program. 7/15/2007 10:47:42 PM Vatterott College 3850 S. Campbell, Springfield, MO 65807-5340 (417) 831-8116 ‎

Posted by:anitamarie on 2011-10-09 01:10:49

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