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Greatest Cheese Steaks On The

If you want a real \"Philly’s Cheese Steak\" or Italian Hoagie you have to visit Vincent\'s Pizza at 6452 Lansdowne Avenue, Philadelphia, PA. They have been in business for 32 years and have built the reputation of having the greatest Steaks, Hoagies, and Pizza on the Planet. If you\'re in Philly for the day, don\'t miss our opportunity to get a steak or other items from their excellent menu. I\'ve eaten steaks all over Philly and no one can compare to Vincent\'s. If you\'re lucky you will see Vincent himself behind the counter keeping with the finest tradition of his family business. Additionally, you will receive excellent customer service from Tina. Vincent’s is just minutes from the Philadelphia Zoo. Call 215-879-3510 for directions.

Posted by:anitamarie on 2011-10-09 12:10:23

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