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Biggest Scam Ever!

This Company has been notorious for having complaints it seems! I wish I would have known this before I called them. I called and asked them to come out and give me freon and then an estimate for a comparison. The technician told me it would be $150 but insisted on a check for cash. The next day my unit didn\'t work at all! I found a cap for the valve off and the electrical box left opened! When I called the company to ask for him to come back and fix it, they said they weren\'t responsible since they didn\'t take the call as a repair, but a free estimate and since I made the check to cash, they weren\'t responsible at all! They acted like they were going to fire the guy, and the woman that was the supervisor said she couldn\'t get in touch with him or the owner. The next day I saw him driving down the street and beeped my horn at him!
I reported them to the Dept of Regulation and then the guy called me to tell me that this woman is the owner\'s mother! He told me they would fix the problem. They were all calling and constantly telling me lies, however, they never intended to do anything and now I have gone to an attorney.
My attorney has told me that it is common practice for shady air conditioner businesses to act as if they are doing repairs and do nothing. You have to actually stand over them and watch them! Have nothing to do with this company!!! 2007-07-06 09:09:37

Posted by:anitamarie on 2011-10-08 11:10:05

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