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OnBlass.com Millions of Americans are suffering from the result of mortgage companies failing to provide some type of mortgage assistance. Why? Is it easier just to let the government bail them out by giving them $ billions while you suffer. Its so much easier just to foreclose on your home, hold on to it and then resale the property once the economic condition of the economy changes and make a profit.

Hope for Homeowners Maybe able to help! What happen if my bank doesn’t work with the Hope for Homeowners ? If your bank doesn’t work with the hope 4 homeowners (h4h) they will analyze your situation and find the best program for you. Their goal is help homeowners save their home from foreclosure. They have access to all federal government programs ( FHA Secure, Plane Freeze Rate , Foreclosure Rescue Bill and Hope for Homeowners and Loan Modification Program ) that target homeowners facing foreclosure or that are already in foreclosure. They also work directly with banks and lender I can negotiate a loan modification that can save your home. They will explore all the options available to you and suggest the most convenient for your particular economic situation.

# Company Phone Number Website (Email Addresses)
1. Accredited Home Lenders 1-877-683-4466 https://www.accredhome.com
2. Acqura Loan Services 866-660-5804


3. American Home Mortgage Servicing, Inc. 877-374-3100 https://online.ahmsi3.com
4. Aurora Loan Servicing 866-519-3090 https://www.myauroraloan.com
5. Avelo Mortgage 800-999-8501 www.littonloan.com
6. Bank of America 800-846-2222 www.bankofamerica.com
7. Carrington Mortgage Services, LLC 800-790-9502 myloan.carringtonms.com
8. Chase (Prime, Subprime and Home Equity) 866-550-5705 www.chase.com
9. Citigroup, Inc.
(Citi Mortgage/Citi Residential)
10. Countrywide Home Loans 800-669-6650 http://my.countrywide.com
11. EMC Mortgage Corporation / Bear Sterns 866-550-5705 https://emcmortgagecorp.com
12. First Horizon Home Loans 800-364-7662 http://www.firsthorizon.com/
13. GMAC Mortgage 800-799-9250 www.gmacmortgage.com
14. Homecomings Financial 800-206-2901 www.homecomings.com
15. Home Loan Services, Inc. (d/b/a First Franklin Loan Services & NationPoint Loan Services) 800-500-5022 https://www.viewmyloan.com ,
16. HomEq Servicing 877-867-7378 www.homeq.com
17. HSBC Finance (HSBC Consumer Lending) 800-333-5848 www.beneficial.com
18. HSBC Finance (HSBC Mortgage Services) 800-365-6730 www.hsbcmortgageservices.com
19. HSBC Mortgage Corporation 888-648-3124 www.us.hsbc.com
20. IndyMac Federal Bank 866-355-7273 www.imb.com
21. Litton Loan Servicing 800-999-8501 www.littonloan.com
22. LoanCare Servicing Center  800-909-9525


MetLife Homes 800-922-6267


24. National City Mortgage Corporation 800-523-8654 www.nationalcitymortgage.com
25. Nationstar Mortgage, LLC     888-480-2432 customer.service@nationstarmail.com
26. Ocwen Loan Servicing, LLC 877-596-8580 www.ocwencustomers.com
27. Residential Credit Solutions 800-737-1192 https://www.residentialcredit.com/
28. RoundPoint Mortgage Servicing
1-877-426-8805 Customer.Service@roundpointmortgage.com
29. Saxon Mortgage Services 888-325-3502 https://www.saxononline.com
30. Select Portfolio Servicing, Inc. 800-258-8602   https://www.spservicing.com
31. SunTrust Mortgage, Inc. 1-800-443-1032, option 3 www.suntrustmortgage.com
32. SunTrust Mortgage Home Equity 1-888-886-0696 equityhomeretention@suntrust.com
33. SunTrust Mortgage Construction
Permanent Loans
1-877-657-8433 www.suntrustmortgage.com
34. Taylor, Bean & Whitaker        888-225-2164  www.taylorbean.com
35. The CIT Group/Consumer Finance, Inc. 800-922-6267 http://citcares.cit.com
36. Wachovia 800-922-6267 http://www.wachovia.com
37. Washington Mutual, Inc. 866-550-5705 https://www.wamu.com
38. Wells Fargo Home Mortgage 866-488-2028 www.wellsfargo.com
39. Wells Fargo Financial 800-275-9254 financial.wellsfargo.com
40. Wilshire Credit Corporation 888-917-1050 www.wcc.ml.com