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Investigative Services

OnBlass.com has joined the ranks for resolving consumer concerns through Investigative Services - We are taking a strong leadership role in offering private investigation on your unsolved consumer complaints. In fact, we have teamed with a reputable team of investigators for solving your security concerns thoroughly, discreetly, and in a professional manner.

Our Mission
To provide the consumer with dependable professional investigative services needed to satisfy your circumstances or request. We'll give you the peace of mind you need knowing your concerns have been addressed.

The Solution
OnBlass.com already allows consumers to voice their concerns and put those who provide goods and services on notice. We know how frustrating it can be when you feel you have not been treated fairly.

Allow us to give you a peace of mind and assist you in settling the matter.

OnBlass rates are very affordable because our goal is to protect the interest of the consumer, as well as the reputation of the companies. Often we discover that it is a simple misunderstanding and the issues can be resolved quickly and amicably.

We all know how expensive lawyers and legal fees can be, sometimes with outrageous charges and mark-ups. If you ever been in this situation, you know exactly what we mean.

We all have seen those "Pre-Pay Legal Scams" - What a joke! Save your Money!

In fact, if you want to give us the opportunity to work for you and deal with the company in question, you are making the right decision - you will save time and money. We don't believe in sugar coating your situation regardless of the grievance. We give you the best alternative to litigation at the best price.

Our Investigators
Our legal investigators specialize in cases involving the courts and are normally employed day-to-day working legal issues involving such activity. They frequently assist in preparing criminal defenses, locating witnesses, serving legal documents, interviewing police and perspective witnesses, conducting surveillance, gathering and collecting critical information to support all legal matters. Also, our investigators may collect information on the parties to the litigation, take photographs, testify in court, assemble evidence, and provide reports for trials. In business for years, our investigators comply with all state and local government regulations to include section 604 of the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

Our Services
We pride ourselves on "Getting you the right information at the right time". Some screening companies use typical online capabilities to get the job done. Our professionals understand the critical nature of your request and go the extra mile to get you the best information available. Our Investigative services include the following:


    • Corrections to Derogatory Credit Report
    • Correction of Deposition
    • Investigate Cat Fishing Schemes
    • Agreement to Compromise Debt
    • Demand Notifications Letters
    • Disputed Balance Notice
    • Disclosure Letters, Fair Credit Reporting Act
    • Directed Letter of Recommendation Requesting Reply
    • Fictitious Name Certificate - Individual or Business
    • Letter Notice of Litigation
    • Release (Liability)
    • People Search
    • Trace Detail
    • Drivers License Search and Verification
    • EDebit Collection Search
    • Business Search
    • Secretary of State Search
    • Phone and Address Lookup
    • SSN Validation & Verification
    • Employment Verification
    • Income
    • Public Record Search
    • Credit Protection Package
    • Credit Reports & EFUNDS check
    • Sex Offender
    • Motor Vehicle Search
    • NADA Vehicle Pricing
    • Property Search
    • Criminal History Searches
    • Credit Report
    • National Warrants
    • Background Report
    • Various Forms for Consumer Complaints and Matters
    • Office of Foreign Assets Control database
    • Application Fraud & Identity Check
    • Verification of Employment, Education, Bank References
    • Manual Employment Verification


PEOPLE SEARCH: Checks all addresses a person have lived, plus whoever else is using the same address and person's SSN.

TRACE DETAIL: Gives information on all possible relatives, friends, neighbors and associates. Verifies addresses, deaths, dates of birth, social security numbers. Information dates back to 10-20 years of data.

DRIVERS LICENSE SEARCH: Verifies information on person's identification.

E-DEBIT COLLECTION SEARCH: Gives information on person regarding their dealings with Financial Institutions (i.e., banks, loan companies etc.).

BUSINESS SEARCH & CHECK: Gives information on businesses in the U.S. with address, telephone and other pertinent data.

SECRETARY OF STATE SEARCH: Finds Secretary of State (S-0-S) filings for all states to locate business registration (Corporate Only) and additional background info.

TELPHONE & ADDRESS LOOKUPS: Finds the person and address behind a telephone number. Finds the telephone number & person residing at any address.

SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER VALIDATION: Validates the SSN, the person associated with the number and any other special indicators (i.e., deceased etc.).

EMPLOYMENT VERIFICATION: Verifies a person's job status.

INCOME: Verifies a person's income data, supported by Place of Employment, other than self-employment.

PUBLIC RECORDS SEARCH: Conducted searches involving civil, criminal data and all other personal information deemed by Law as Public Record.

CREDIT PROTECTION PACKAGE: Allow Customers and Consumers, a protection of $ 1,000.00 to $ 25,000.00 in Identity Theft.

CREDIT REPORTS & E-FUNDS CHECK: Investigates consumer checking and debit account history (i.e., overdrafts, bad checks etc.,). Investigates a thorough picture of a person's entire credit history via all Credit Reporting Agencies (credit bureaus).

SEX OFFENDER: Checks a "known sex offender's" status by verifying and investigating information.

MOTOR VEHICLE SEARCH: Investigates and searches the DMV database to find info on vehicles & associated owners.

NADA VEHICLE PRICING: Investigates vehicles needing appraisals that will assist or support loans.

PROPERTY SEARCH: Investigates property associated with a person from a Deed or Assessor.

CRIMINAL HISTORY SEARCHES & REPORTS: Includes searches for Federal, State, County & Local misdemeanors and sex crimes, to include evictions, liens, judgments, MVR driver record, bankruptcies, foreclosures, defaults and disputed contracts for specific State, County, City or State assets and civil filings.

CREDIT REPORTS: Assist in obtaining Credit Report Files from National Credit Reporting Agencies (Credit Bureaus). Combine Report 3 x CREDIT BUREAU

NATIONAL WARRANTS: Search National Data for Outstanding Warrants on all persons.

BACKGROUND REPORTS (Local & National): Detailed or Selected Background Investigation Checks on persons for domestic, civil, criminal and business.

OFFICE OF FOREIGN ASSETS CONTROL (Database): Verifies individuals of foreign decent regarding actual affiliations, aliases and country origin.

APPLICATION FRAUD & IDENTITY CHECK: Verifies incomplete, out of date, erroneous and fraudulent applications for possible fraud. Verifies basic information on applications as to whether it is true or false.

VERIFICATION OF EMPLOYMENT, EDUCATION & BANK REFERENCES: Investigation that may be linked to applications submitted.

CHILD SUPPORTS SKIP TRACING & LOCATING: Investigative searches for persons who have relocated their residences and cannot be communicated with.

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