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About OnBlass.com

OnBlass.com is a multi-functional Web site used to identify consumer product issues and concerns and is sponsored by Global Technology Solutions Inc.

In collaborating with other agencies, OnBlass has developed new and improved methods for consumers to evaluate products and services. Our goal is to provide consumers with the ability to recognize the most consumer friendly products, services and promotions available that will allow everyone to remain loyal, satisfied customers. By giving consumers a forum to post and share their opinions, OnBlass allows you to: recognize faulty products and poor services that do not meet reasonable standards, review businesses that do meet the consumer needs, and in turn identify excellent products or services that meet or exceed the consumer expectations. The OnBlass standard comes with the committed and dedication to providing a reliable line of product history that educates while interactively empowering the consumer. Our sourced information from consumers encourages synergy among the consumers, vendors and companies, thus, providing a value-added solution for everyone's needs.

About CCIB

During July 2007, CCIB integrated and partnered with Global Technology Solutions and OnBlass.com, thus, forming and establishing 'OnBlass.com Investigation Division (OnBlassID)", where Don resides as Chief Investigator. A wide range of 'OnLine" Investigative Services are performed.

Since 1998, CCIB has performed Investigative Services and Legal Consulting throughout several states while acquiring the necessary credentials needed to perform both Investigation and Collection Recovery. Investigation work performed involves that of a Civil and Criminal nature (i.e., domestic, employment checks, financial & credit profiles, background checks, debt collection & court intervention etc.). CCIB's cases involve Medical, Real Estate, Home Owners Associations, Loan Companies, Banks, Car Dealerships, Bad Checks, Contract Fraud, Theft and Misrepresentations. Our current performance renders us a 97% success ratio. Our entire focus, plan, goal and objective are to provide services to all of our clients in an incomparable manner that renders: "cost-effective" approaches with "high quality" results. Providing services in this manner supports our motto as being: "the best among the rest 4 less". Our proven track record exemplifies our excellent performance and we plan to keep it this way.